About Cold Plunging

How do I get started if I'm a beginner?

When's the best time to cold plunge?

How to breathe in an ice bath.

How often should I cold plunge?

Who shouldn't cold plunge?

Tub Questions

How easy is it to setup?

How durable is the tub?

How many gallons do the tubs hold?

Do I need to change the water?

How clean is the water?

How do I drain the tub?

Chiller Questions

What temperatures can the chiller achieve?

How long does it take to cool or heat the water?

You guys have an app to remotely control and set the water temperature?

What outside temperatures can the chiller operate in?

What are the power requirements?

How much electricity does it use?


What does the maintenance look like?


How is the product shipped?

How do I safetly transport or travel with the FujiTub?