FujiTub 4 Person

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Enjoy your cold plunge to the fullest by freezing with multiple friends in our 4 person round tub. Being over 6’5” in diameter, it can comfortably fit 4 adults for full body immersion in the water. Cold plunging with multiple friends can make the experience even more enjoyable as you have a group of others to endure the difficulties with you. Just like all of our tubs it’s made from military-grade drop stitch material, designed to last in your home, backyard, or any outdoor setting. All options can be set up in under 15 minutes and fit into the provided backpack!

We highly recommend this option for events, gyms, or athletic teams, to get the maximum use out of the tub at a single time.

The 1hp chiller keeps the water at the set temperature ranging from 37° to 108° fahrenheit. Taking daily trips to the store for more ice is a thing of the past as now you can set your temperature through our wifi-controlled app, or do so manually on the chiller screen. With a built-in 20 micron filter and Ozone sanitation system you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the water or refilling it after each use.